IC-Locus (improper coat/furnishings)


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The IC-Locus is a region of your dog's DNA which controls whether your dog will have longer hair around the eyebrows and muzzle known as facial furnishings. In some breeds, such as Labradoodles, furnishings are a breed standard so a lack of furnishings is known as improper coat.

Furnishings are controlled by a mutation on the RSPO2 gene. Furnishings are dominant meaning that a dog only needs one copy to express the facial furnishings.


Your results will be reported as one combination of the IC-locus alleles with the following interpretations.

F/F - furnishings
F/IC - furnishings carrying improper coat
IC/IC - improper coat - no furnishings


Scientific references:

Cadieu E, Neff MW, Quignon P, Walsh K, Chase K et al (2009) Coat variation in the domestic dog is govered by variants in three genes. Science 326, 150-153