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How to order

Not sure what happens when you order, or what happens next? Here's all the information.

To order a test, just add it to your basket and go through the checkout process. You can pay online by credit or debit card. 

Once we've received your online order we send you out a cheek swab kit which contains instructions and a uniquely numbered swab for collecting your pet's DNA. The unique number on the swab is already associated with your order so we know which tests to carry out when it comes back. You create an account on our results site to register the swab and add your pet's information. You then collect your pet's DNA and then send the swab back to us in the envelope (postage is NOT prepaid). 

So what happens when the swab reaches the lab?

Good question!

The morning your swab arrives at the lab we'll send you an email to say that it's arrived. We then get to work isolating and purifying your pet's DNA from the swab. Once we have the DNA we do some initial tests to check the quality of the DNA. If the swab passes this stage we send you another email to let you know that we're about to start the DNA testing you ordered. 

When your results are 24-48 hours away from being made available to you, we'll send you another email. This is to let you know that our geneticists are checking the results. If your pet has tested positive for a disorder the geneticist will write a short report with our recommendation on what you need to do next. 

Once the geneticist has released your results you'll get a final email to let you know your results are ready to view on our results site. You will be able to download a certificate containing the breed-specific results.