Foresight Health® Shar Pei Auto-Inflammatory Disease


Our Foresight Health® single test for Shar Pei Auto-Inflammatory Disease is ideal for breeders and owners who want the reassurance of genetic health testing.

Our DNA test results are accepted by the Kennel Club.


Shar-Pei Auto-Inflammatory Disease (SPAID) causes dogs to have episodes of fever and joint swelling causing pain, lethargy, and irritability. Episodes usually last 24-48 hours, but dogs can typically lead a normal life with a predisposition to kidney failure.

An autosomal incomplete dominant condition caused by a mutation in the MTBP gene.


This test is also included in the following Foresight Health® breed packages:


The guideline turnaround time for single tests is approximately 10-12 working days after the swab arrives at the lab. 

If you need more than two tests it is often more cost-effective to order the relevant Foresight Health® breed package.


Scientific references:

Metzger J, Nolte A, Uhde AK, Hewicker-Trautwein M, Distl O. Whole genome sequencing identifies missense mutation in MTBP in Shar-Pei affected with Autoinflammatory Disease (SPAID). BMC Genomics. 2017 May 4;18(1):348

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