Foresight Health® Inherited Myopathy of Great Danes


Our Foresight Health® single test for Inherited Myopathy of Great Danes is ideal for breeders and owners who want the reassurance of genetic health testing.

The guideline turnaround time for single tests is approximately 10-12 working days after the swab arrives at the lab. 

If you need more than two tests it is often more cost-effective to order the relevant Foresight Health® breed package.


Inherited Myopathy of Great Danes (IMGD) is a degenerative muscle disorder with symptoms within the first year. It causes muscle wasting, tremors, and problems exercising with an abnormal posture, and progresses rapidly and severely.

An autosomal recessive condition caused by a mutation in the BIN1 gene.


This test is also included in the following Foresight Health® breed packages:


Scientific references:

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