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Finding out about your dog has never been easier

Discovery is a fantastic new dog DNA test that uses 220,000 genetic markers to work out your dog's breed mix. That's 20x more information than most of our competitors which makes Discovery one of the most accurate dog breed tests available today.

Have you ever wondered whether your pedigree dog is completely purebred? How about finding out the breed mix in your rescue dog? Ever wondered if your dog has any genetic relatives on our database?

We use 20x more genetic information than the other tests but we don't charge 20x the price, plus you get health testing and inherited coat colour results too. 

Health testing included

Discovery also includes health testing for more than 160 inherited disorders so you can be reassured that your dog is clear, or be proactive about keeping them healthy for longer if they are at risk.

How long does it take?

We aim to turn around Discovery samples in approximately 4 weeks due to the amount of testing required.   

We will send you out one of our eco-friendly (and totally recyclable) kits for swabbing your dog's cheek to collect DNA. You activate your kit on our website and send the swab back to us. We begin testing your dog's DNA and you'll be kept updated by our online system and by email as the testing progresses. Once your results are ready you'll be able to see them in a fantastic interactive report on our dedicated results site. Imagine what you're going to find out about your dog!

Our online report gives you the breeds present in your dog but there's also so much more information: health and hidden coat colours too! If your dog is found to be at risk of any disorder we can carry out confirmatory testing for that mutation and provide information for your vet. Every result is checked by a veterinary geneticist before we release the results to you and you will get a bespoke recommendation if there is any further action required based on the results. 

If you agree, your dog's Discovery data can be used to advance medical and scientific research to help dogs in the future. We'll ask you questions about your dog from time to time and the answers we collect will enable us to carry out research to help other dogs - how fantastic is that?!

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