Coat colour single tests


Once you place your order we will send out a cheek swab kit with full instructions on how to collect your dog's DNA and how to register the swab on our site. 

The turnaround time for these tests is typically 7-10 working days after the swab arrives at the lab. 

These colours are available individually:

  • A-Locus (fawn, black and tan, recessive black)
  • B-Locus (chocolate, liver, brown)
  • Cu-Locus (curl)
  • D-Locus (dilute, blue)
  • E-Locus (includes E-locus and Em-locus tests
  • K-Locus (dominant black)
  • S-Locus (white spotting, pied, piebald, parti)
  • T-Locus (tailless)
  • L-Locus (length)
  • Furnishings / Improper Coat (IC)

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