Research & Development

We have an active research and development programme and reinvest a proportion of our profits into these projects. If you would like to get involved in one of our research projects please see the details below. We have a dedicated facebook R&D group if you have any questions (link opens in a new window). 

Current public projects

Cerebellar abiotrophy in Australian Kelpie's

We are currently investigating Cerebellar abiotrophy in the Australian Kelpie. We are welcoming samples from suspected carriers and affected pups (where possible). We will send you a simple cheek swab and a participation pack if you contact us below.

Testable vs untestable chocolate in French Bulldogs

All french bulldogs whose owners have ordered colour testing and have agreed to participate in research are automatically enrolled in this project. If you would like to get involved please order our coat colour package and we will automatically update you as discoveries are made. 

Waardenburg syndrome in Ferrets

This is very early stage research and we will soon be asking for participation and DNA swabs from ferret owners. Initially we will be asking for DNA samples from known Waardenburg ferrets as we think there may be four sub-types. If you have an interest in this project please join our Facebook R&D group.

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