What should you look for in a DNA testing company?

Choosing a DNA testing company for your animals can be daunting, especially if it's the first time you've ordered DNA testing or you aren't sure what you need. There are a lot of companies in the UK that offer dog DNA testing or cat DNA testing, making the decision even harder. We've put together an article containing things to think about when choosing your testing company.

Would you want to hear your diagnosis from the doctor or the receptionist?

The biggest difference between most UK testing companies is labs versus resellers. Labs carry out the actual DNA testing as well as sell you their tests, resellers just sell you another company's tests under their own name. Our research has shown that 80% of genetic testing companies in the UK are resellers. Most resellers send their swabs outside the UK to cheap testing labs so they can maximise their profits and it is highly unlikely that you will ever speak directly to the staff diagnosing your pet, only the unqualified reseller taking your payment and emailing the results.

Lab companies - like us - have a different ethos. Scientists go to university for 6-7 years to complete PhD research in order to be qualified to answer your questions and test your pet's DNA to the highest standards. Our scientists are driven by the same ideals and goals as the rest of your veterinary team: we want your pet to live their healthiest life and bring you joy! Our customer services team is actually our duty veterinary genetics team, so when you ask us a question you speak directly to the friendly scientist who diagnosed your pet and interpreted the results. We will never have unqualified staff advise you on your DNA testing requirements or results.

The quality standards for your pet should be as high as those you would expect for your own health: would you want to hear your diagnosis from the doctor or the receptionist?