Bespoke services

High quality, industry leading DNA testing solutions trusted by the professionals

  • Do you have a health issue or trait in your breed that you would like to investigate?
  • Would you like to assess inbreeding coefficients genetically, rather than with paper records?
  • Are you a vet with a patient that you suspect of having a new genetic disorder? 

Our scientists have over 15 years' experience solving problems with the application of genomics and DNA testing. We have been trusted by government departments in the UK and beyond, introducing DNA testing to make their statutory obligations more streamlined and cost-effective. We have collaborated with universities and other companies to carry out academic research to further our knowledge and discover new mutations.

With this in mind, we have a wide range of techniques and solutions at our fingertips, meaning we can provide cutting-edge bespoke services to our pet genetics customers that other veterinary genetics companies may struggle to provide, or be unwilling to invest in developing.

From niche inherited diseases in dogs and cats to the relatedness of tortoises we are currently helping a number of our customers discover more about their animals and breeds using the latest technologies. 

We can offer solutions ranging from simple screening for all known inherited diseases to full genome sequencing and disorder characterisation. Contact us today to talk to us about your problems and how we can best help you.