Foresight Health® Glycogen Storage Disease


Our Foresight Health® single test for Glycogen Storage Disease is ideal for breeders and owners who want the reassurance of genetic health testing.

Our DNA test results are accepted by the Kennel Club.

The guideline turnaround time for single tests is approximately 10-12 working days after the swab arrives at the lab.

If you need more than two tests it is often more cost-effective to order the relevant Foresight Health® breed package.


Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD) affects an enzyme during metabolism which results in easily damaged red blood cells. Affected dogs can suffer anaemia and lethargy, and muscle cramping and jaundice following exercise. Type II is also known as Pompe's Disease, and Type VII is also known as Phosphofruktokinase Deficiency (PFKD). Affected dogs can often have a normal life expectancy.

An autosomal recessive condition caused by a mutation in the GAA (Type II) or PFKM (Type VII) gene.


This test is also included in the following Foresight Health® breed packages:


Scientific references:

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