Foresight Health® MCD and STGD bundle

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This bundle gives a discount for Labrador owners who only need testing for the two new eye disorder tests recommended by the Kennel Club. 

MCD (Macular Corneal Dystrophy) is an inherited eye disease that causes problems with a dog’s sight. In affected dogs, a build up of carbohydrate causes the surface of the eye (the cornea) to become cloudy. Dogs with MCD usually show signs around four to six years old. Affected dogs will have cloudy eyes that may have grey or white spots on the surface. As their eyes become cloudier, they may have problems seeing and may be more likely to bump into things, walk more slowly or may be more nervous when visiting a new place.

STGD (Stargardt Disease) is an inherited eye condition that gets worse as a dog gets older. This disease affects the parts of the eye that sense light (the photoreceptors), causing them to deteriorate. As the photoreceptors break down, the dog’s eyesight becomes worse in both daylight and dim light. Affected dogs often develop signs of the disease before they are ten years old. These signs can include loss of vision, dilated pupils, and a reduced response to light. Dogs that are affected by Stargardt Disease don’t usually go completely blind, but retain some degree of vision.

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