Canine DNA Profile (ISAG)


DNA profiling (also known as genotyping) determines the unique DNA fingerprint of your dog by testing a panel of highly variable markers known as short tandem repeats (STRs). 

Each dog contains two alleles for each STR locus which can be either the same or different in size. DNA profiling determines the size of each of these alleles and produces a profile which is unique to your dog. 

The markers in our DNA profile are:

AHTk253, CXX279, FH2054, REN54P11, AHt137, AHth260, FH2848, INU030, INU055, REN105L03, REN247M23, REN169D01, AHTh130, AHTk211, INU005, REN162C04, REN64E19, AHT121, AHTh171, INRA021 and a sex determination marker Amelogenin. 

Our DNA profiling using these markers is performed using the ISAG recommendations (International Society for Animal Genetics), thus providing an accuracy for the DNA profile of more than 99.9%.

A DNA profile can be useful in numerous cases such as parentage, insemination, selection of breeding mate, paternity verification and lifelong identification in case of microchip failure. 

Please note: a DNA profile will not determine breed

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