PGL promotes responsible breeding

PGL promotes responsible breeding

Where did your £99 coat colour panel go? It's now packaged as an optional extra for our Foresight Health testing, with a great discount! 

Healthy pets are at the core of what we do here at the Pet Genetics Lab.

Our DNA testing services are designed to give you the information you need to make sure that your pet leads a long, happy life with as few medical problems as possible. Owners and breeders alike can test for hundreds of health conditions either as a package test or single disease tests.

We also provide coat colour testing for dog breeders. We noticed that there were a small number of customers who were ordering our coat colour panel but not ordering health testing. As a company which promotes health testing above colour testing (which is often abused to determine puppy price for profit) this motivated us to change our product line so that the cheaper colour testing packages were only available when ordered alongside health testing. Our single colour tests are still available to those breeders who only need one or two colours to help their lines and, of course, the whole colour panel is still available as an optional extra when you purchase Foresight Health

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