PGL DNA testing is now accepted by the Kennel Club

PGL DNA testing is now accepted by the Kennel Club

We're delighted to announce that our DNA test results are now accepted by the Kennel Club! 

When you register your swab kit you will now have the option of including the Kennel Club registration details for your dog and we will automatically forward the DNA testing results to the Kennel Club on a monthly basis.

Can the results from £99 Foresight Health™ testing be forwarded to the Kennel Club?

Yes. We've worked hard to ensure that our Foresight Health™ DNA test is the most advanced and cost-effective dog DNA test available in the UK.

At the Pet Genetics Lab we strongly believe that cost shouldn't be a barrier to health testing.

Foresight Health™ uses an advanced technique called "Next Generation Sequencing" (NGS) to be able to test for so many inherited disease mutations in one test. The NGS technique is extremely accurate as it tests each mutation thousands of times rather than just once. It's also cheaper, which means we can pass those savings onto you. 

How do I order Foresight Health™?

We've included quick-order buttons at the bottom of this page. Foresight Health™ includes breed-specific tests as well as tests applicable to all breeds so we have produced DNA testing guides for many popular breeds (just use the search bar at the top of the page). 

We test all dogs regardless of the breed for all the mutations. Why? Well, the latest research into the DNA testing results of over 100,000 purebred and mixed breed dogs has shown that some of the disorders only found in one breed in the past are actually being found in other breeds too. Our aim is to make the DNA testing of your dog as comprehensive as possible.

By testing your dog for all the mutations included in Foresight Health™, we aim to give you the most up-to-date and comprehensive information about your dog's genetic risks. Our geneticists interpret your dog's results in light of the latest scientific research to tell you whether a mutation is relevant to your dog. 

Foresight Health™

DNA testing for 215 inherited disease mutations


Coat Colour Panel

DNA testing for 15 coat colours and traits


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Coat Colour Panel is only £48.50 if you also buy Foresight Health™

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